Eye Exams in Jewett City, CT

Your vision is a gift worth protecting at all costs. Through regular eye health and vision exams from Griswold Eye Care in Huntingdon Valley, you do your part to preserve your sight. Whether you’re looking for preventative visual care or a specific eye care treatment, you can trust our licensed optometrist to provide comprehensive services for your entire family. Holistic Vision is your one stop location for the services of a skilled eye doctor serving Jewett City, CT.

Eye Exams

Importance of Eye Exams

An eye exam is the most effective means of monitoring your eye health and vision. Regular checkups enable our eye doctor, Dr. Simmons, to catch eye problems early so you can get immediate treatment. A comprehensive eye exam from our skilled optometrist consists of the following:


During your initial visit to our office, we’ll go over your medical history and discuss any problems you may be having with your vision. Many medical issues like high blood pressure and diabetes can affect your eye health. That's why it's essential that we’re aware of the state of your health and medications you’re taking that could have an effect on your vision. We’ll also review past eye problems and treatments you’ve had, so we’re up to date on your current eye health. This information will come in handy when diagnosing conditions or recommending treatments.  

Vision Testing

Vision testing is a key component of our eye exams, as it reveals the quality of your vision. Your eye doctor will ask you to read letters off of a wall-eye chart ranging from large to small in order to test the clarity of your vision. Through vision testing, we can determine if you have refractions in your vision such as myopia, farsightedness, or astigmatism. If so, we’ll prescribe corrective lenses to improve your vision.

Eye Function Testing

Eye function tests determine how well your eyes function, individually and as a team. These tests assess visual skills such as depth perception, eye muscle capability, peripheral vision, and reaction to light. We’ll also evaluate eye focus, motion, and eye teaming skills and identify any issues that are affecting your ability to focus properly.

Eye Health

We’ll visually inspect your eyes and eyelids to see if there are irregularities that could be impairing your sight. By dilating your pupils, we’re able to examine the inner structures of your eye to include the cornea, optic nerve, and retina for signs of eye diseases. We’ll also check your eye pressure to see if you have the hallmark sign of glaucoma. The results of your comprehensive eye exam will determine our recommendations for treatment.

See Your Eye Doctor Serving Jewett City, CT, for Annual Eye Exams

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