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Good vision care is a vital part of your total health care. You may require a variety of services to maintain your eye health as the years pass. Your optometrist has the knowledge and experience to provide care from childhood to your senior years. At Griswold Eye Care in Jewett City, CT, we offer a broad range of services to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.


Vision Exams and Eye Health Testing

Eye exams are a crucial part of keeping your eyes healthy and strong. Regular eye exams can help your optometrist catch eye diseases before they cause permanent vision loss. Your eye exams will test for peripheral vision, eye muscle movement, pupil reaction, visual acuity, focusing, tracking, and eye pressure. Eye exams can also reveal problems with your general health, such as diabetes, hypertension, and other conditions.

Contact Lens Fitting

In addition to fitting for eyeglasses, we also provide accurate fitting of contact lenses and renewal of prescriptions for our patients. Individuals may sometimes have cornea curvatures that are hard to fit. We can offer precise fitting to allow these patients to enjoy comfortable, clear vision in their daily eyewear. 

Treatment of Eye Diseases

Your optometrist can also treat minor eye infections and injuries, vision changes that could indicate a serious problem, and eye diseases related to aging. Comprehensive eye exams can provide glaucoma screening, tests for macular degeneration, detection of cataracts, and other eye health issues that require careful monitoring to protect your vision. Your optometrist will be able to create a treatment plan that works for your unique eye and vision needs.

Computer Vision Care

Working at computers and using smartphones throughout the day can lead to vision problems like blurriness, dry eye syndrome, and headaches. We can help with computer vision treatment that will help you perform your tasks more easily and comfortably. Your optometrist will determine if you need a new pair of glasses or contacts to counteract computer vision. They can also provide advice to prevent issues caused by computer vision.

Sports Vision Training

Good vision is especially important for athletes. Athletes need clear vision to perform, or else they could suffer potentially dangerous injuries. Your optometrist can offer additional testing and training to help athletes maximize their visual performance during play. Sports vision training goes beyond standard vision testing and can help ensure you are always performing at peak levels. 

LASIK Eye Surgery Consultation and Care

We also offer LASIK vision correction surgery consultation to help you determine if you would be a good candidate for surgery. LASIK surgery is a great way to correct any refractive errors in your eye without needing glasses or contacts. We can also provide aftercare to ensure you are healing properly after your surgery.

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Maintaining good eye health and clear vision is vital for your overall health and well-being, so contact Dr. Simmons and the staff at Griswold Eye Care in Jewett City, NC, to get the eyecare you need to keep your eye health and vision strong. We work hard to provide the highest quality vision care for our patients in Jewett City and nearby communities. We pride ourselves in individualized eye care for all stages of life. Contact Griswold Eye Care today at (860) 376-2848 for an eye exam and to learn more about our services.

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