Red Eye

Red Eye Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Red eyes are quite common and everyone has had their eyes turn red at some time. The redness is caused by dilated or swollen blood vessels. A red eye is usually not a cause of concern unless it is prolonged.

If you or your loved one suffers from dry eye, visit our optometrist at Griswold Eye Care in Jewett City, CT, for a detailed eye examination and treatment. Our highly qualified team offers a wide range of eye care services and we will be glad to attend to you and preserve your eyesight. 

Red Eye

What Causes Eye Redness?

There are many reasons why your eyes may turn red. Here are some of them:

●             Eye allergies

●             Dry eye

●             Bacterial infection

●             Corneal infection

●             Injury

●             Contact lens wear

●             Lack of enough sleep

Excess use of alcohol may also cause dry eyes.

When to Visit an Optometrist

Visit an optometrist if your eyes remain red for some time or when you also experience itchy eyes and other unwanted symptoms. Visit our clinic if there’s a foreign object in the eye, you experience vision changes, blurred vision, or produce a yellow eye discharge.

An eye doctor on our team might conduct an eye exam to check if both eyes are infected, identify the possible cause, and initiate the proper treatment.

We may also need to know about your occupation and lifestyle, mainly if you show signs of computer vision syndrome.

How to Treat a Red Eye

Many red eye treatment options depend on the exact cause of your problem. For instance, optometrists may recommend washing the eyes, resting, or using eye drops if you have eye allergies. We may recommend using antibiotics or simply getting enough sleep if you are sleep-deprived.

How to Prevent Red Eyes

You may not prevent all cases of getting red eyes, but these practices can reduce the common risks and help you stay healthy. Check them out:

●             Avoid rubbing your eyes

●             Clean your hands well before you touch the eyes

●             Remove facial makeup well before sleeping

●             Take regular breaks when working to avoid computer vision syndrome

●             Clean your house well to prevent mold and dust allergies

Get Eye Care from an Optometrist for Computer Vision Syndrome, Eye Allergies, Dry Eye, or Itchy Eyes

Red eyes may not always signify anything serious but you shouldn’t ignore them. Whether it’s an allergy, an injury, or a bacterial infection, it’s advisable to seek the help of an optometrist or eye doctor for careful examination.

At Griswold Eye Care in Jewett City, CT, we are dedicated to offering eye care services to our patients. We provide personalized treatment plans to help you get relief. Contact us to start your treatment. Call us at (860) 376-2848 for more information.


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